2/1/16 Update:

- The game was shut down. (The game will be back up, but it may take up to several months for that to happen.)

1/3/16 Update:

- Cooking Club now has windows.

- First floor has been adjusted so clubs may be added in the future.

- Several Occult Club props have been added.

- Stairs leading to the second floor. (Note: Second floor has not been added.)

Note from creator:

"The reason for the late, yet very small update is because I've been experimenting with a featrue that will be added in the future, possibly the next build..." - MadlyAwesomeguy

12/13/15 Adjustment:

- Spawn lowered in Ayano's room. (Should fix the SFX bug when joining the game.)

- Easter eggs were updated.

12/9/15 Update:

- Koharu Hinata and Midori Gurin now use the proper body shape.

- All characters now have new custom faces.

- Added a table to the Drama club.

12/7/15 Update:

- The non-working knife can now be picked up. (Still cannot kill students, yet!)

- Another easter egg!

12/5/15 Update:

- Several more students have been added.

- School gate is now closed at all times.

- New intro GUI added.

- New teleporter room. (Only one pad is functional as of this update.)

- Students have no faces. (Only temporary, they will be re-added.)

- Several uniforms are visible on the shelf in Yandere-chan's room...

- A non-working knife is now on school-grounds...

- New easter egg.

Update notes from creator:

"I honestly wish to improve the game much more than what it is now... Maybe that knife on the ground will prove much more useful next patch? ;)" - MadlyAwesomeguy

11/25/15 Update:

- Update to school.

- Added a running track.

- "Mythical Cherry Tree" is now on a hill.

- A laptop is now in Yandere-chan's bedroom.

- Added several NPCs.

- New test NPC. (The NPC is pure grey and is only there to test a new animation for a character later on!)

- Updated Senpai's (Taro Yamada's) face.

- Updated Osana Najimi's model.

- Her uniform is now up-to-date.

- Her face has been updated.

- Changed her hair color.

- New base pose.

10/27/15 Update:

- Small patches to gym foundation.

- School has been updated a bit. (Stairs + Temporary Cover)

- Incinerator model has been slightly modified.

10/18/15 Update:

- Fixed collision issues in Yandere-chan's room.

- Added a bookshelf to Yandere-chan's room.

- Yandere-chan's room is now closer to the road.

10/16/15 Update:

- Re-added Yandere-chan's room.

- Fountain model was updated with better visuals.

- Locker room frame was added.

- Gym's foundation was greatly improved upon.

- Classrooms are now much neater. (There are only two at the moment!)

- Gate to the school is now a darker colour.

- Time GUI was temporarily removed.

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